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System requirements for online business simulations
IBM Compatible PC
CPU: Pentium II or higher
Windows 98 or higher
Web browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher
Internal memory: 32 MB RAM
Monitor: 1024 x 768 pixels
Internet connection: 56k6 modem (128KBit recommended)

When using the DSS:
Sun Microsystems Java Plug-in (version 1.4.2)
Internal memory: 64 MB RAM
Monitor: 1024 x 768 pixels
Internet connection: 128KBit

Data communication
When you want to use the decision support system (DSS) and/or the virtual phone and you are behind a firewall you probably need to change some settings. To connect to the Rematch servers the ports below have to be opened for connection.
When using a proxy server (in most cases) you'll only have to enable the SOCKS-protocol (or SOCKS-service) in the proxy software.

Server DSS system
IP address:
TCP Port: 1112
Server virtual phone
IP address:
TCP Port: 2345

If you want to use the DSS system and/or virtual phone you can contact technical support of Rematch to test the environment.

Java Plug-in
The DSS system makes use of the Java Plug-in of Sun Microsystems. When the plug-in is not installed, or an incorrect version is found, it will automatically being installed when the DSS is started.

Click here to install the Java Plug-in.
Click here to download the installation file of the Java Plug-in.
Click here to find more information about the Java Plug-in.

Configuration test
By clicking on the following link you can test the communication and see if the needed communication ports are enabled and the Java Plug-in is installed.

Start configuration test